Mrs. Peacock's Snaps

Here we go.
Now that the murder mystery is over, everything Venus owned is...
O Glitchmas Tree, O Glitchmas Tree...
bow chicka wow wow
My bar has more patrons now! Thanks for the dolls, Minkey!
A Yeti and a Stoot walked into a bar...and declared their love...
Finally, an audience.
Dreams do come true!
Race you to the top!
My house (most of it anyway). Ready for an end of the world party!
How chickens teach their chicks to fly
Cubimals are taking over my street!
crab invasion
Love ya Glitch!
Making arrangements... :'(
Hahaha...rainbow juice was MADE for this. XD
Yeti stampede! RUNNNN!
The rube is camoflauge in this new land!
How long has THIS been a home street style? ...LOVE!
I will miss this. Pssst, TS, give us balconies?
I, Miss Peacock, take this Glitch to be my lawfully wedded...
Bringing back my mermaid avatar for nostalgia. Oh, memories... I...
Why did the chicken cross the road?
We will never know.. I?
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