Shrimpables' Snaps

*Bye* <3
The end is comming..... its almost here.
Hehe, dolls(:
I'm so sad to have missed this....
As sad as I am right now...he's making it better(: Thanks.
Me either either....
Time to do some missions I haven't done this one! I'm...
Oh god...this is it, isn't it? :( *Bye*
First time I saw this place, it reminded me of being in a cracked...
I love this place so much! :D
Yay! Once more before the end(:
Gah, I'm gonna miss Ix.
I'm sorry, but you guys are never growing up. You're too darn cute(:
I sure do appreciate that warm, underfeatherside(; haha
Hehe, I love incubating(:
Weee! That was fun! :D
Oh my, I do love these puzzles(:
It's a crab... haha
I want this for my house! :D
Hey you! Get back to work!
The best part about this place is the "Discover ix!"...
Another one! Yay!
Time to build a tower! :D
Ann's street!
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