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I thought I had resigned myself to the End... But standing here...
Taken by Skrellen
A chicken contemplating the fleeting vastness of Ur.
Taken by camicami
more nighttime ice skating
Taken by Kagami
Taken by Kaible
Three's a charmer
Taken by Reisball
The kindness of strangers embodied
Taken by Amp
Taken by Rook
How 'bout this: I give you a stalker-restraining order to leave...
Taken by Ann DramaDuh
here lies esa... cat death...
Taken by Adylae
Taken by Bad Robot
Aww, sleepy butterflitchen
Taken by Cefeida
Hi :3
Taken by Skrellen
Taken by Faereluth
the meditating crab and his pig
Taken by Finnick
Bird-Watching: The elusive Two-headed Faux-Chicken Woodpecker
Taken by Autolycus
found 2 Rubes kissing each other o_O
Taken by Lvca
It was a tough case, a real cracker. I could see this was gonna...
I killed a Bureaucroc.
Taken by Lazy Cubimal

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