Lone Druid's Snaps

What does an end of the world party look like? This is a fraction...
We are glitch!
My little brother's home in Glitch... sad he did not like it more.
An Icon to Cosma... thanks to the help of wonderful Glitchens!
The wonderful uutiif
The Distant End... were you to know it, you would hear the piano...
Even in our dying days, the rook will fall
Goodbye my butler, named after legendary bard Samuel J. Goldheart.
ATTN: Any survivors:... Stay away from the purple. Giants bless you.
Bless this.
The Trail of Lips, 2012. Rest in peace, Gltchians.
Let your days be filled with endless wonder, fellow Glitcheem.
Gorgeous View!
Nature; the true power of limitless beauty.
Home is where the heart is. My home is a forest. My heart is...