Empyreal's Snaps

My favorite music
I took down the pig stick and let my pigs wander around the yard....
Such a poignant tribute to Gwendo-- OMG! Dong!
favrerocks and I dine on the last day on Ur.
My favorite herb... and I think it's my Magic Rock's favorite, too.
Amazing! I heard Gwynn did it.
Enjoying my pickle
Eblis, the Magic Rock, the chickens, and me waiting for the end...
And I love you, dustbunny!
My own widdle dustbunny.
Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
This guy ain't horsing around.
Whiny brat!
Ashamed grandjujukid disappears
Can I learn knitting?
"Under water, man becomes an archangel." Jacques Cousteau
Walk towards the light...
I'm Kitty Pryde!
Synchronized swimming
I'm underwater!
Dancing on air before the end of the world
I will always <3 Gitch
Comet sighting
Yubi's house party
Rube wants in!
Head over heels
Dust bunny!
I couldn't harvest these fruits
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