LisaNH's Snaps

Useless craftybot will be attemting tomake awesome stew for...
Of course she is knitting.
Saying bye to the phallus palace, whimsy house and Jeeves the...
Frank's house and buter, Bunter
Tarted up for party time
End of world party time
Killing fruit trees in Ix in my Superglitch cape
One of my favorite spots to leave cool stuff.
The end of the word is near.
so cool
You are here because you are bad. Knock it off!
Jumping on the kitty
Finally, some wine
Growing stuff -- like magic 'shrooms
Never ending grilled cheese?!
Such a cool place. Shivery even.
Skinny dipping
I will replicate this room in real life. I will!
The awesome stew garden: potatoes, cabbage, parsnips, onions, oh my.
Party time!
Where is the stew?!
Finally, a craftybot to make the damn stew.
Awesome Stew Factory, I mean, Kitchen
Machine Shop.
Gems and Icons
The Purple Floor. I'm going to miss swinging from the chandelier!
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