Sequoia Baer's Snaps

Pondering the cycle of life and death
How better to spend the end of the world than explaining science?
The House of Awakened By A Crimson Kiss (aka Copper Rose. Maybe)
Allie has a thing, apparently
Helping create a beautiful house
partying at the end of the world
And now this meeting can come to order
He has a point
Poor butterfly, I am sad too
Very briefly popular.
Music boxes
My last backyard chicken doesn't seem very grateful about being...
...wait, no, THIS is my last street. I've only been meaning to...
My last street...appropriatte that I should have to rush to it,...
After hoarding them for so long it's cathartic to let them go in...
So much emotion
Not sure I want to buy your groceries, sorry Street Spirit...
A tree of wishes
Hmmmmm...*eyes giants suspiciously*
What a happy looking little fellow
So pretty
The icy landscape is littered with sad notes about the end of the...
*holds tight and wishes*
Musical icicles!
Signpost at the end of the world
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