Koftun's Snaps

Hi and Mighty attempt. Not really so well coordinated. At all. ;-)
Can you hear the quiet?
Nope, no lag here......
I think they are about to kick us out....
Now *that* was laggy!
Yeah, so we got a little crazy.....
Sno-Cones in Hell Party
A cry for help. And a commentary on same.
Tuqui Turned 60!!!
sample background
This is not funny. Ok. Maybe a little.
Hell is for lovers!
Now *that* is what I call an identity crisis...
Is that so? Bring it on!
Somebody save him! I can't hold these feral pigs off much longer!
So this is where the Rube lives....
Silly Deimaginator. You'll never catch me!
My old ocean view...