Status update
Li'll Missy Brenda

a re-post from FB, cause I lube you guys. This is one of those nights, you know, the ones when the only thing that satisfied was Glitch. The restless, yet lazy kind. I don't want to is just not the thing... browsing the internet is simply lacking something. I need to just pound rocks and stalk chat. I don't want to have to think much, just mindlessly do something while "listening" to the entertaining conversation in the chat room and occasionally joining in. *smooching* Ananda and ribbing DB, laughing at Fyodor's latest snap and secretly admiring his brilliant mind. Feeling Honored when Beans would join in and awed with Acro's sharp wit. Juvia would always bring a sense of fun that I looked forward to, and Sauce's wisdom and ire could ever inspire me. Ox, sweet Ox and his boundless enthusiasm brings a smile to my face even now. My mind races with all the wonderful personalities that I was blessed to encounter while banging rock and stalking chat. It's one of those nights when I wish I could turn back time and enter the world I love. *sigh* I feel lost tonight.

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