Getting very frustrared with the same cards over and over

Trying to get the manic mining cards and reshuffling and buying cards over and over,  but same damn cards over and over.this really sucks.After getting all the mining skills  now feels like working to play this game especially in the mines.

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  • Leelah, no. I have no idea how long it would take to cycle through the cards. But what I mean is, after 24 and 48 hours there would be people going on about quitting because they can't deal with not having the upgrades that they want. And I would think that giving it a little bit more patience than that would be not a big thing. But I guess there are people who feel positive about the game in general and have an attachment to it and those who don't and are willing to leave over some waiting - as I am firmly in the first group it is hard for me to understand some of what I've seen going on lately but I guess it really is to be expected if you think about it.
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  • Responding to the OP only, I also have been frustrated that I get the same cards repeatedly. Sometimes even when I reshuffle, I get one of the same cards I just had in my hand. I don't want or need to be able to assemble a machine in one quick move, dammit! There are upgrades that I have no interest in at this time.

    There have been many comments about how the card/upgrade system is wonderful because it allows you to customize your character with whatever characteristics you choose. Then (often the same) people are saying to just buy the upgrades to get to what you want. I, for one, am trying to take advantage of this ability by NOT adding the characteristics that I don't want. Honestly, I'm still playing with the cards and the new system and am witholding judgment until I've experienced it for awhile. I think there are aspects that I like and others that I'm not so sure about. What I do not want to do is simply "buy everything" right out of the gate. I want to pick and choose. This not about "hoarding" iMG, it's about getting what I want.

    Since I have had the same card show up in my hand over and over again, my choices are limited. I can understand someone getting frustrated by that. I hope TS is noting these frustrations and will be able to implement something to make it better. Maybe we could have a slot for a card that we don't want, but we're limited to one...or we can have the option to pull one card out of the deck for a day or a week...or we could have a discard pile...or whatever. I hope you decide to try it for a bit before making a decision to leave, but do know that you are not alone in your frustration.
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  • I am with you there.  I am not a fan of the Rube.  Make his cards go away please!
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  • Aw, I like the Rube!  ;p

    Hi, I'm a level 6 Glitch right now, and I thought maybe it would be helpful if everyone could hear my perspective on the game play.

    When I play a character building session in the game, which usually lasts about 45 minutes for me, I can usually earn enough iMG to purchase three to six cards, depending on how hard I am trying, whether I am focusing on skills instead, and the price of the cards.  I am sure other players can earn them faster!

    Now, it doesn't bother me much that I don't always get the cards I think I want, because I don't know what cards I want!  I'm still exploring the game and trying to decide who I'm going to be!  But, I'm starting to focus on herbalism and gardening now, so I've got a little taste of these issues.

    But the thing is, most of the time, the extra time it takes to wait another Glitch day before I can reshuffle the cards is just the right amount of time to earn enough iMG to actually buy a good one.

    Finally, I'm looking at the suggested cost of upgrades to my street, and I'm thinking I'm going to have to decide, in the future, whether my iMG is going to go for a card or a street upgrade!!!

    When the conversion happened, I was level three and only got about 1,500 iMG.  That goes fast!  Not that I'm complaining about that.  Just, it might give you a better perspective on how game play is going to be for most players that are not beta testers.
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  • Thanks for that perspective, Cephalophoria!
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  • I think Cephalophoria is experiencing the game as devs hope because she/he player is new. As I think we all agree, for a new player this would not be traumatic. Eventually even unhappy miners like me will work their way back to where they were. The card system itself is pretty interesting. I think the main concern is how the conversion came in and the frustration for players who had achieved the top proficiency. So, in an effort to remain positive, here's an example of what could have happened: let's say a player had reached the highest level of a skill, oh..let's use mining as an example, but the same could be true of Animal Husbandry or Crops. At the highest level you have achieved a certain bonus on the drop (gems and time). We were all given certain skills in recognition of our level when the conversion happened. Well, I already had the camera thing, so giving me a new camera didn't really do anything for me.  On the other hand, the first Mining card or the first gem card would have been useful. That way, I could wait for the others to come up randomly, without being deprived of the chance to earn any gem through mining. Does that make sense? The farmers could have been given whatever that first crop bonus was, etc. I think this would have alleviated the anxiety that many are feeling and still allowed them to play the game they want to play, which supposedly was the point of the cards. But of course, this is hindsight :)
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  • Full disclosure!  I am not a new player, just a new character!  But, I do find that I'm enjoying playing this new character more than my old one, just because of this lower level perspective!

    A whole new player might have different issues all together, and we won't be able to predict those until the tutorial is finished. O.o
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  • Thus far, I believe the total count of known cards comes to 197.  Since you can get three random cards each glitch day, a reasonable estimate to go through the deck (assuming you purchase NOTHING along the way) would be about 2 weeks.
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  • Ah, Stoot's answer to everything!
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  • Makes sense, Leelah! It just may have been difficult to automatically do something like that; so there would have to have been some way to consult each player individually (at least to get them what they really prefer). I suppose it could've been done in offering them a choice of the basic cards for the skills they had 'maxed' out or something, though. Say they could have picked 2 or 3.
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  • Zoethor, I believe that is not counting the series cards like brain expansion, energy, GOOHF, quoin multiplier and free re-deal cards. Or at least, stoot said excepting those cards, there were around 200.
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  • i, too, am very frustrated but we cannot "snooze" a card or something of the sort. i'm finding it next to impossible to get more at least 2 good cards per day on the re-deal (usually its just one good card that is not brain power or some learning capability
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  • Zoethor, that also assumes you are able to log in and re-shuffle each and every glitch day. It also assumes you get 3 unique cards on each shuffle with no repeats from any previous shuffle.

    My work/life schedule leaves me playing time from shortly before a new day to a couple of hours after that new day. As such, I can see at most 6 cards per playing session unless I settle for spending imagination on character customizations that I did not chose and don't really want. It seems, so far, like my choices are to customize my beloved little glitch at random, instead of by design, or attempt to be patient for possibly more than a month (200/6 == 33.333333 days not counting repeats and duplicates) until customizations I do want turn up. Couple that with the fact that most of the card descriptions I've seen don't match back to the skills as I know them and others have vague and/or misleading descriptions, it is easier for me to sympathize with all these people upset with having to settle for 'luck of the draw'.

    I know I tend to be unhappy with changes, so I'm doing my best to go with the flow and see how it all works out over time, but my frustration is simmering under the surface. I've gotten a  couple of cards I actually wanted, and spent some imagination on cards that were low cost just to get more choices, and even wasted a big chunk on a card that didn't do what I thought it would (in fact, it doesn't seem to do anything at all).  I've seen many more cards I can't imagine why I would want them, and duplicates and repeats. The best thing I can say so far is that I'm glad I don't have to spend imagination to reshuffle cards I'll never use anymore.

    Perhaps this will help those of you who've gotten good cards right off the bat (and keep getting them) to understand how it might be a bit frustrating for the rest of us.
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  • Spending imagination on low-cost cards in order to get more choices isn't too bad really. Playing more previously meant that we got more imagination, in order that we could choose plenty of upgrades.

    For example, maybe I always mine, and don't collect resources from trees or animals and I just buy them. So I don't need any animal or tree upgrades. But getting them doesn't put me behind in a huge way, because I have the imagination to spend, as intended. Obviously I wouldn't want to spend 10k or 50k imagination or more on something I didn't want, but 1k? Sure, no problem.

    In the old system, even though I didn't do anything with animals or trees, I *had* the specific abilities to do so. So it's kind of the same to now buy those upgrades. (Since cards presented do correlate to the skills we have gotten.)
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  • I just redealt with a meditation card, an energy card, and a brain capacity card showing.  What did I draw?  The same meditation card, an energy card, and a brain capacity card. The Giants are trying to tell me to save for my yard.  :-D
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  • I hear you Lucille. Different combo for me, but same experience. 

    @diaveborn isagirl:

    I see your example, let me offer a different one. Not only do I mine, but I harvest (beans, cherries, gas and bubbles) because you need that to cook and craft. I also raise herbs and crops (need crops for awesome stew so I can mine). I also gather barnacles and fireflies for crystal. In game I buy very few things because I have maxxed  almost all skills and can make everything myself. At the same time I am still working on some badges (such as mending tools). I have been buying the lower level upgrades but some of them hinder badge accomplishment (like the ones that strengthen kitchen tools). Since my first week in game I have never exhausted the amount of energy I can gain through meditation. So when you repeatedly get: Transcendental meditation, heavy metal (don't like rock music) and the upgrade for radiating....well what can I do with that ? LOL I have gotten that combination so many times  over the past three days, its freaky.  
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  • Leelah, I'm not sure your assumption that strengthening tools slows down getting your badge for repairing them.

    I'm pretty sure it's units of wear, not number of repairs.  And strengthening them just means you repair more units of wear at each repair.
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  • "Tempered Steel Toughen up your Knife & Board, for a 50% longer lifespan."
    If it takes longer to break, that will certainly hinder your ability to break a K&B, thus also repairing a K&B.
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  • With more units of wear, it takes longer to break, but you have to repair fewer broken tools to get the badge.  
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  • The badge is for a flat 251 tools fixed, so I'm fairly sure it would be a hindrance :)
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  • "Used a tinkertool to repair 251 cooking tools." 251 tools is 251 tools, not units of wear.
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  • All of this could've easily been avoided by giving existing players more free cards -- the ones equivalent to our existing skills and levels -- and then letting us accumulate and spend more points on bonus upgrades, like higher quoin-collecting limits or faster machine assembly times.
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  • I don't mind working through the cards.  In fact, I like it because it feels like we're not missing anything being already at the old level cap.  However, the poor shuffling and display of multiple of the same cards is frustrating.
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  • The cards we got for "free" weren't free though - Glum under your scheme we'd end up with less imagination to spend and less choice about how to spend it.  I think that handing out a few free reshuffle cards might have addressed this but it's really more of an issue related to time - I bet by next weekend most people in the upper levels will have most, if not all, of the cards they want.
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  • Thanks Lisa and Mary
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  • it would have been a lot nicer to have a tab/page where we could just choose cards to buy, instead of having random ones I dont want or need to show up.  

    the page could be removed when Glitch goes from beta to live.

    it appears that a number of folks have blown through hundreds of thousands of iMG and it might not have helped them much.

    I dont see the point in doing things I already did once over again.
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  • again, elf ... you haven't purchased any upgrades yet.  I'd be more interested in your evaluation of something after having tried it.

    I have "blown through" well over a million iMG, earned about 100K back already, and I am unquestionably helped by it, including upgrades for things that I have never had the ability to do before.
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  • i dont have to do it to have an opinion about it, are you too dense to comprehend this?

    i have a very special opinion about you..
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  • Yes, but I don't have to give any warrant to your opinion if I judge not to.  It's up to each of us to decide how much credit to give to other people's beliefs about things, which for some of us includes evidence about how they have formed those beliefs. It seems to me that you're uninterested in having a conversation about it, and just want to state your opinion - that's fine, but there's not much to say after that.
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  • I dont see the point in doing things I already did once over again

    You are talking about playing Glitch...
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  • Not meaning to get off track here.. re Stoot's reasurrance (in part).. "There's no reason to ""save up"" imagination".  I am saving as much imagination as I can, while still buying some cards (hehe), because we will also need it to expand our houses/lands for realz after the housing reset.  That is, if I understand correctly?
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  • Im too getting frustrated with the same types of cards over and over, only got 2 of the mining cards so far, have most skills so the increased skill learning cards are not very useful for me, not really interested in the quion multipliers either or extra brain capacity but the last 5 or so reshuffles have mostly given me those types.

    I with there was an option to temporarily remove certain card types from the reshuffle for a limited amount of time/days, this supposed randomness isnt very random at all at this point.

    Hate to say but im not playing anywhere near as much as i was before the update, now i just log in every now and then to reshuffle.

    But I do understand the reasoning behind improving the 'new player experience' but I think at this point there also needs to be some considering for the fact that new players are few and far between, when we come out of beta how many new players are really going to be joining in comparison to everyone who is here already.
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  • I am also quite frustrated with the lack of proper reshuffling.  I got two of the same cards again!

    There should be some way to "disable" a card temporarily.  An "I do not want this card for one week, thank you" button or something similar. 

    There are some cards I will never ever buy, we should be able to reject these until some future date, maybe when we have bought every other card.

    It is hard to get the same cards over and over when they are not wanted and there is such limited time for some people to play.
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  • Princess Fi: Yes, our back and front yards will require imagination to develop. Stoot suggested budgeting about 100,000i for that.
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  • +1 any solution to not having repeating cards.

    It is frustrating as we *do* have such large decks right now. 

    I'm assuming that having repetitive cards which we do not want to purchase will be an exacerbated problem for new/newer players and their much smaller decks.

    That people with tons of cards have repeats means something is not working well

    I've heard of these mining updates and as I am fully skilled am certain I have the cards, somewhere, hiding under the corn hoocher, metal lover, and yet another brain card. A player with fewer skills and achievements might think that the reason for days of repeats is that there is nothing else in the deck.
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  • Scarlett, I disagree: by learning skills (and, to a certain extent, by gaining levels), we've already chosen the abilities we wanted.  Players are frustrated at the loss of abilities, and at the difficulty involved at getting those abilities back.  I doubt anyone would complain too loudly at having been given less imagination to start with if our skills were all functioning normally.

    On another note, it seems as though from now on, whenever we learn skills, we will just be adding cards to our decks.  If, for example, I have fifty unwanted cards sitting in my deck, and I get two more for learning a skill, it could take quite a while for those two to become available to me.  My new skill will be underpowered or useless until I happen upon the new cards.

    For that reason, I'm not a fan of this system.  Drawing out skill learning with penalties and long base times was bad enough, but making us wait even longer to actually use the skills is sadistic.  Presumably, new players won't have as many cards to wade through, so this situation will mostly affect those of us currently playing and testing.  A smoother transition certainly would've made some of us happier; hearing that it wasn't worth the staff's time to help us more is truly disheartening.
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  • Thanks Little Miss Giggles.. I didn't see that in my perusings of TS's forum posts. :)
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  • @glum pudding I don't think it will be a problem for new players as they will start by learning the skills they most want which means it is unlikely they won't want the related upgrades.

    I think part of the problem people are facing now is that many of us have learned (close to) all the skills because we could - we've had time whilst TS were re-developing the game. Now people are frustrated because they keep getting cards for skills they don't use. I wonder if unlearning those skills would remove the cards?
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  • I'm confused. Once I buy a card will it show up again? How do I know if I am buying the same card over and over? It "seems" like the cards are the same.?
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  • Right, that's what I was saying.  Unlearning might remove cards; it would be nice to get more information on this from staff. 

    Friday 13, some of the cards do repeat, some don't, and some are buggy, so they keep appearing even though they should not.
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  • Friday, some of them repeat (like the quoin multipliers, energy tank and brain capacity cards). The other ones shouldn't repeat.  You can check them against the ones you already bought here:;
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