Furniture and Wood crafting

Hi I haven't spent much time on forums so if my idea has already been discussed I apologize. I figureued that since Glitch it big on multiple step, multipe ingredient skill crafting I assumed that woodcraft would be huge. To my suprise nothing thus far. Planks of wood are used to cooking salmon. Don't get me wrong I love fish but the potencial for furniture storage shelving , wooden toys, wooden figururines , clog shoes . fishing poles, bird houses etc. is enormous. I created my glitch with these posibilities in mind hence the name (Sawdust). I would love to hear back what other Glitchens think and mabe if we could influence the giants into offering us the ability to create as they do.

Thank you , I Love you all , Sawdust

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  • I would love to build too. I have been saving planks in the hope that one day I could furnish my home with Glitch-crafted itesm.
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  • Oh yes introduce wood-crafts but don't forget the Termites! These are the other kind of Termites, the ones that you train to assist you with wood working projects.

    Or not. :)

    Either way +1 to player wood crafting. 
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  • Planks are for putting into Piggie Feeders.

    (and sometimes for tricky rabbits)
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  • Great idea, we could make little houses for our piggies.
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  • No, grain is for feeding piggies! It's 1/4th the value of planks (When you figure in the tool vendor's cut, which is not taken out of grain) and just as easy to get if you have AK6 or 7! 

    Planks are for hoarding for the new housing update, or perhaps for selling to the tool vendor for 4c a pop! Means a full stack will net you 1000c :) Not bad, right?

    But, yes! Wooden furniture! I approve 100%. I look forward to seeing luxury wooden piggy cabins that increase our collection rate, or a Fine Oaken Table that we can sit at in our homes and eat to get a 10% boost in energy from food. 

    I guess what I'm saying is I hope these items have some cool effects too ;)
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  • Love it, I never would have though of a piggy house ... like a dog house idea... so neat. + cabinets and footlockers for storage... just a great idea .. I hope this thread takes off and there will be woodcraft asap :)
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  • Silly glitches, if you build a house for a pig out of planks, he'll just eat the house!
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  • They won't be made out of planks, silly WalruZ! They'll be made out of boards :P Not nearly so edible, somehow.
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  • Yes. Wood needs more uses. They call it "a multi-use tool" in the descriptions when they have only one use!
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  • It has 3 uses... crafting, splanking, and eating. It does need a 2nd useful use though.
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