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Okay, they're not here in Alaska yet, but Bupy took a snap of them, apparently in a promo for their upcoming musical!! www.flickr.com/photos/76713... (Someone please let me know if the link doesn't work, I "think" I got the viewing permissions correct.)

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I never felt the least odd talking to my pigs. And despite the fact they all look alike, I believe they each had their own personality.


Somewhere far away...


This is possibly my favorite snap of ALL snaps ever snapped

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Little Poundcake

Good morning, Glitchen. How is everyone this morning?

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I woke with "For a really long time, eleven giants walked around . . ." running through my mind. Then I was sad for everything we lost. But also very, very happy we had this world for a really short time.

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The game is over and I'm still playing around with outfits...killing all those free credits and getting images of Soupie in different looks. lol

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Me too - I think I am going to buy EVERY outfit - I have 6,500 credits left :)

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My sister Sallie
She lead her life as she wanted to, regardless of what other people thought. She lived the things she believed in more than anyone else I have ever known. I did not always agree with her - or even like her sometime, but it was impossible not to respect her.

Sadly, in her 34 years, she was unable to change the world as she wanted to.

Despite a month in intensive care, the doctors never figured out what killed her.
Miss you mom!
You were the best mom any girl could have asked for.

You never lost that childish sense of fun and passed that gift on to your kids.

I wish you could have been here longer to see us all grow up and make our own happy families. You would have been a fabulous grandmother.
For the brother-in-law I loved like a real life brother!

You made my sister happy and brought so much to our family.

Your tragic, sudden death took its toll on all of us - and I worried that my sister would never recover. But she knew you wanted her to go on and she has done a lot of work honoring you since your death.

You were a good man and I am grateful I knew you.
Goodbye lovely, quirky Glitch
Thank you for being the place where I did not have to be the responsibe grown-up but could be the child I really am.

I will miss you. I will remember you. I will think of you as I do old friends that are gone; fondly and with a tear in my eye.

Thank you Tuny Speck for building this world so we could all live in it, even if just for a brief moment.