User Created Merchandise and Memorabilia

I notice there is a lot of Glitch-themed memorabilia currently being offered by fans. It's natural that we should want to hold onto this wonderful experience we've shared and to have something physical to remind us of our time here. Tiny Speck is being very generous in this regard however I believe it's wrong and probably illegal for us to profit from their amazing creations. As much as I would LOVE a life-size Zille Icon in my garden or a Helga Beanie Doll for my nightstand, it would be a disservice to the work of people like Kukabee and the many other artists, designers, and programmers who poured their life into this world and who are now unemployed. I would be interested in hearing Tiny Speck's official stance on this and would respect and honor their decision either way.

Thank you TS for your wonderful creation that's so hard for some of us to let go of.

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  • TS has given permission to some artists to make and sell Glitchy merchandise. BUT I do not think it has been anything other than custom-made, one-off items; nothing mass produced or put up for sale to the general public.

    If you are interested in something, you can always ask the artist for evidence of Tiny Speck's approval.
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  • <3 TS
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  • Yes, I wonder if we can get a more detailed update on what we can do or maybe an email address we can shoot more specific questions at regards making things for other people.
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  • As one of those people selling Glitchy merchandise, I can assure you that most if not all of the sellers have permission from TS (at least the ones who have announced their stuff on the forums). There is no official statement on this, but if you want to sell something, you should open up a help case with a description and picture of a prototype. Little Poundcake mentioned this somewhere in the forums once and this is the route I recommend you take at this point.

    Hope that helps!

    ETA: Here is the link to LP's post on this topic:
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