Maybe some day, somewhere far, far away, we can all come together, and happily play...

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*sigh ~it would have been my 2nd Glitch Birthday today...

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  1. Hab

    Goodbye sweet Scilly! Will miss you too! *hugs*

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Little Poundcake

True story: we have a way to view all of the animal names that any given player ever gave to an animal. You named 629 animals, and 7 of those were helikitties. Facts!

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Status update

o-0 ...you know what I named my critters?! oy veh!

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teeny tiny dragon poop Oh My


*whistle* 'ere boy, fetch!
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Hello greenkozi,
I totally love your museum!
Had a jolly good time looking around
~Thank You!

PS: For some reason the signs remind me of people standing in a queue waiting for the bus.