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I don't quite understand why they allowed this site to just fold. I only played for 2 months, and over a period of one year only received 2 emails about Glitch!!! If money was their issue, I and everyone in there would have gladly paid to keep it on board! They did hardly anything to solicit a dues paying clientele and I just can't understand their logic. I am just so bummed out about their decision and the loss of my friends in here. I've been searching for similar type games venues, like Animal Crossing and Kingdom of Loathing, but still searching for something compatible where we can all come back together and play once more. I'll keep you posted as to what I come up with...cadlackjak (David)

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It wasn't just money. It was the infrastructure and inability to support a player base large enough to make the money and still be able to offer a playable experience. If you read the FAQ that's linked on the "home" page, it explains it pretty well.

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My sentiments exactly, silly horse.

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I love you too, Dusty. You and Stoot and Sr. Funpickle stay here and enjoy the fire while I go try to save the world, ok?


A note!
An awesome person lives here. That is all.
A note!

You can't keep me out!

(although some of the visits are in the interest of making the room even more fun... so you should be happy!)
Thank you!
Thank you for this wonderful game and all that came with it.

The beauty. The love. The calmness. The tranquility. The serenity. The sense of community.

Thanks to you and Glitch, I've found old friends and met a slew of new ones. I even had someone I hadn't seen around in years find me here with 12 hours left.

Glitch will always have a very special place in my heart.
A note!
I wasn't one of the earliest players, but I was definitely among the most sucked in.

Thank you, Tiny Speck, for giving us this incredible game... this amazing community... and most of all, a return to a land of imagination. It's too easy to lose that as we get older and it was amazing to have someplace to come and remember the joys of unlimited imagination.

Glitch will continue to live there. I'll see to that. <3