Cocktail Crafting I glitchcommotion finished learning the Cocktail Crafting I skill
a long time ago
Bead Threader glitchcommotion earned the Bead Threader badge
a long time ago
Master Chef II glitchcommotion finished learning the Master Chef II skill
a long time ago
4-Star Cuisinartist glitchcommotion earned the 4-Star Cuisinartist badge
a long time ago
Seasoned Scullery Sleuth glitchcommotion earned the Seasoned Scullery Sleuth badge
a long time ago
Killer Griller glitchcommotion earned the Killer Griller badge
a long time ago


If you need extra iMG, please take one or two of these cards! But please don't take the whole lot all at once.

Mystery Limmerick
There once was a game called Glitch
That ran into a death-knell of a hitch.
the players lamented
and the Rook was quite demented.
oh, if only there was a fix!