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What glitch boils down to me ultimately is relationships particularly those of friendships especially very positive ones. For the most part, I've been part of the most wonderful aspects of humanity while playing Glitch. Even more brilliant is that these friendships have happily spilled over to outside of Glitch and hence, real life. As I wax lyrical here, I just want to say thank you so much each and every person I've met in Glitch.....You have truly enriched me in so many ways through the act of sharing your triumphs and tribulations alike with me. I have grown so much and learned so much and am a far better person for it. I can only hope likewise that I have made similar impacts with some of you. Civility group, I will never forget you. What I started eventually just ran itself with each of you adding more and more to the community as we all did our part to spread kindness and niceness around Ur. Ultimately when real life came crashing into my glitch world, you all carried the spirit of Civility forward by all the group's kind acts and getting so many people the Kindness of strangers badges as well as house party badges. You all make this group leader so very proud. When PTB3 and I first discussed the roots of Civility, neither of us ever thought it would take off like it did. And most importantly our little group of 6 initially managed to make positive contributions to our Ur family and grew to 447. My hope is to make Civility a part of many of us as we play the greatest game, Life. Finally, shout outs to all of TS. Others have said it so much more eloquently then me but you as a company entity family have given us Glitchen so very much and all I want to conclude with is "Thank you from the bottom of my Glitchy Heart".

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  1. Josiah Thimblerig

    Thanks, Bachjess. The spirit of Civility lives on in many places! I'm working on a game of my own and hope to encourage a similar spirit in the community there.

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Status update

This has made my week and month *Hugs* You all rock so exceedingly hard. Thanks so very much :D

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Just in case this goes walkies. Art project a la sparkly and metal. I love you dearest friend. *hugs*

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Indi's street Part 1 (Art style a la Civility)


Gorgeous Temple
Ooh what a stunning and lovely temple. I feel so at peace here. Ah meditation comes so naturally here. *hugs*
Brilliant Wicked Facts!
Thanks for this. So many fascinating things to learn. Totally wicked brilliant to read. *Hugs* :D
Thought you might like an SDB
Hiya oh great almight creator Cyclops,

with the amount of stuff you have and the limited time for that matter, I thought you could use an SDB. So I made one for you. *hugs* and Cheers. Just a little thank you to TS and you for this incredible playground.

Thanks Stoot and all of TS
Hiya Stoot :D

Just wanted to say thank you from the whole Civility group. All of your (and your team's) hard work for us all, is so brilliant! And we thank you from the bottom of our Glitchen hearts :D

BTW you were right, o wise Cyclopian one :D Some of those who are greeters have now joined our little group family. We have at least 3 who are level 42 and higher :D

Here's just a little thing from us, just some planks of wood :)

*hugs* and Cheers :D