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Last Day Spam 1: Meat: Or, my ultimate multi-use item. I used it to top up donations to the max, when I cared about not going over by too much, and as a steady currant source. Also, as an emergency energy source. I used to carry around awesome stews for energy, but they took up a lot of space. Sometimes I had no energy and a piggy was right there, so I nibbled a bit to tide me over until I could get to my house to replenish properly. And of course, for cooking. And savory smoothies, I guess. Some people used it for piggy feed too, possibly because it was cannibalism. I kinda wish that I had some butcher paper to wrap the meat in. Well, I guess the meat is cleaned or packaged by the piggy beforehand... Then again, Glitchen don't get sick, so raw meat isn't exactly a problem.

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Status update

Glad to see your last day remembrances, Spam. Thanks for sharing all your memories - brought back some good times and made it easier saying goodbye. I wish I had known you before. I'll be watching for any other thoughts - not sure when things will really be shut down for the updates page today - we'll see. But in any case, loved them. All of them. :')

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