What: Barbeque, didn't you read the title??
When: Tomorrow. Aw, man, I hate being specific. Oh well... Saturday, October 20 2012, 5:00-5:30 PST.
Where: Abhiman Himan ( ) If for some reason you can't get there, please IM me and I will summon you.
Who: You.
Why: Cuz I said so.
What to Bring: What you would usually bring to a BBQ: Ribs, frying pans, grills, piggies, food, meat, BACON (Darn, we don't have any) stuff like that.
Lotsa piglets and frying pans will be provided, there will be potions, people and FUN!
(Hint, we may be hosting a costume party later into the BBQ, so don't be afraid to put on your outfit! There will be prizes if we do host the costume party.)
I like to forget stuff, what did I miss?
Anyway, hope to see you there...

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