I thought this would be a good back up once the site is totally down : a Livejournal Community

I already had a journal there, but i made a seprate account so it had the same name as here.
 was as close as i could get....

Anyway, suggestions as to a name for the Community (Group) welcome, one of us will make the group I havent done so I want us to name it together !
and if you could can you all make new accounts so we can keep as close to the same names as possible?

This will provide everyone with a Message Board type area ( Community)
A personal Journal as well for each person,
and the site has a Instant Messenger as well,which functions on it sown or it will show up on Meebo or Ebuddy  the IM compiler services 

( And the service is free, for all the basic things, there is a pay option at $20 a yr but its really not needed)

Also...if you know of any other sites that offer the same...suggest them here

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  • I'm on LJ and Dreamwidth. There's already a DW group here with 130 or so members, should be easy to set up a community there. DW is also a bit "nicer", and is committed to staying ad-free ...
    (I'm davidcook on both)
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  • DW sounds like a good option, since there's already a group, and admittedly I don't really want the hassle of having to switch back and forth between accounts on LJ. Already looking forward to having my Glitch for an icon!

    Regardless of the platform we choose, however, I must say I really like the idea of migrating to a LJ/DW community, I don't know why I didn't think of it before! It would be a great way to share Glitchy art we create (I doubt I'll ever stop being inspired by this world!), get to know each other, and in general be supportive of each other the way we are here. Plus we could still have prizes and contests and interactive things the way we do here, just without the gaming aspect. I really look forward to this.
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  • ok made an account at Dreamwidth account as well...Lyricaljade BTW
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  • I've joined the groups at Dreamwidth - I'm taimatsu. (I usually use LJ, though.)
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  • Can someone link the DW comms? 
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  • Two of them are :
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  • I do have a LJ account - I'm filia_glis.
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  • I have an LJ account and would sign up in a heartbeat.
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  • Thanks, I joined those groups. 

    Anyone have a DW acct that wants to be friends?
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  • I am Rathany on DW and Rathanylakan on LJ :)
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  • The Dreamwidth group can be found here: membership is open & there are a few threads that should help you find DW users who are open to adding over there. :) 

    I'm raanve on DW and subscribers are welcome. 
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