The Avatar Project (A little late, but better late than never)

For the last few months since Glitch closed I've been painstakingly been grabbing spritesheets left and right of all sorts of things, but mostly vanity stuff of the avatars. Currently I'm still in the process of uploading some portions of it, but WILL post in the dropbox a text file of where you can find parts in case Glitch closes and you can't get the rest.

I have to give a great big HUGE shout-out to Cleops and a HUGE thank you to her for helping me out with space to put this project out there.

I am probably missing some things, but I have done my best and I have gotten what i can with so much time as I had (I do have a life, most of the time I spent on Glitch was then dedicated into doing this project).

Currently all of the skin colors have been loaded and you may find them here:

I am still uploading the Hairstyles and hope to start on the Wardrobe soon.

Thanks for your patience!

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  • Thank you for doing this for us all. :)
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  • ...aaaaaand...bookmarked!!  thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "thank you for your patience"?  nonsense, it is we who should be thanking you!!  all you out there who are  doing so many things for the benefit of all of us and yourselves, you are the ones I  am certainly thankful for!  it is such a wonderful surprise each time someone posts an "I've done this, which took weeks, days and/or hours, just for you".

    I am more than patient, I'm very happy with what there is.

    Thank you, Ayasta and Cleops!

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  • Holy cow, Ayasta! Thanks is too small of a word! Thanks to you as well, Cleops! I don't know if what you guys are doing could be sent to the people on Missing Worlds - I don't know if it would help or not, but it is the end of a sick and painful night for me - going through forums, updates, downloads, etc, and just feeling so horrible about it all, so forgive me if that idea was out of line or just idiotic.

    Thanks again for all your time and hard work - I agree with Minkey in that all of you that are doing these things are just amazing, and yes - I too am happy with whatever you can do!
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  • Thank you Ayasta & Cleops! I was hoping that someone would do this! I appreciate this so much! You rock.
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  • Thank you! 
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  • Thank you, Ayasta! I've bookmarked this for future reference.
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  • Another option for blank skin tones is just to download a gray one
    and use a "color" overlay from the base colors ;)
    I dunno which one they used as the "base" gray though
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  • Hairstyles are done being uploaded, I'll have a link up soon for them. Wardrobe is in progress.

    While I know they said they'd be releasing the wardrobe stuff, they said it after I'd already grabbed a good portion of it so I continued. This should be able to tide people over until the stuff comes out (provided people find out when it comes). I do, however have full outfits in there as well as just base items. Some items are semi transparent though and so they may be harder to deal with but they are there.
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  • Thank you, Ayasta. :)
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  • This is amazing - thank you!
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  • Thank you so much!
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  • Wardrobe is UP get it while it's HOT!
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  • Thank you, Ayasta!! <3
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  • Wow! I've also been doing this for the past few weeks. I was planning to recreate the vanity section, as I still wanted to style my glitch even if the site went down. It's a work in progress, but here's a very rough draft:

    It uses pixastic for the colors, though I haven't perfected it yet. I too have been busy trying to screengrab everything from the vanity/wardrobe section lately. Images are not preloaded, so hairstyles appear after a noticeable delay. It uses the canvas element, so it only works on the latest Chrome and Firefox releases. I'll probably try to move on with this project this weekend. All of my assets are just screenshots, so there's a bit of effort needed to edit everything into transparent PNGs.  :( 
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  • Thank you Roderick :) This is just what a bunch of us have been looking for. Are you on FB or do you have some other mechanism for communicating your progress with this after closure in a few hours. I assume they are closing at 9am PST.

    My FB, twitter, etc details are in my profile.
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  • I'm over at G+, if you have a google account.

    FB's blocked at work, so I can't really check there more often. 
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  • No worries. I am on FB as that is where the big crowd of Glitchen are. My G+ is

    I hope you don't mind but just so I could find this link after closure I posted re. this fantastic thing you are working on over on FB in the Ur - What Remains group. Heaps of people are interested/think this is amazing.
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