Info only showing most expensive sellers

I decided to save time and use the Info panel to check prices for my food to see if they needed repriced, and I noticed that some items only have one or two sellers were listed, and for much more than I was selling for.  I checked Glitch Remote and noticed that there was much more available for sale than shown, often times the most expensive were the only ones listed.  Others I noticed that still only two sellers were listed even when they did pick from the eight lowest prices available.  My own prices would finally show up in the Info panel once I'd opened and closed the panel a few times.

Posted 8 years ago by Kaelyn Renai Subscriber! | Permalink


  • I just had that happen with pumpkins. I checked info and it showed two sellers at 98 and 100c. Glitch Remote shows dozens of people selling pumpkins with prices all the way down to 35c.  100c is the highest price, not the lowest.
    Posted 8 years ago by Lucille Ball Subscriber! | Permalink