Problems Starting Up

I'm not sure if I'm alone in this- or if this is a problem with the feat going on- but I have been experiencing really, really terribly lag for the past 15 minutes, so I decided to restart my browser. But now, whenever I try to enter the world, I can't. Literally, nothing even shows up. 

Is this a problem with me or are others experiencing this? (And sorry if this should be elsewhere. I didn't know if I should put it under Bugs since I don't technically know if this is a bug.)

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  • You may wanna try the test and see what it says:
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  • Thanks, Cat Face. 

    I gave it a try and its showing a failure with the game server; I guess it's just overloaded right now. Which means, I'm sure I'll be hearing from others soon, too. 
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  • Flash crashed for me and now I can't get back in. I assume it's because there are so many people running around nekkid overloading the servers xD

    The diagnostic tool came up with everything ok.
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  • Haha. The servers are going crazy with all the nekkidness. ^^
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  • When you see failure to a game server, almost all the time it means there is a network problem that is preventing your computer from reaching us, not that servers are overloaded. It could be just that you need a computer or router restart; and for the GS ports, it could even mean there is a firewall preventing access. 

    This page explains what the test results mean.

    This is our problem loading guide. 
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  • yeah the start up screen doesn't even go for me at this time.  :(
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  • ditto, also, when i do the test, and ive redone it multiple times, either the bandwidth or the CDN 2 Global fails, saying its 'timed out', although it loads after a few minutes
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