snaps packaging

How long does it take for snaps to be packaged?
It's been maybe half an hour now.

Posted 7 years ago by Sororia Rose Subscriber! | Permalink


  • "It will take us a little while to package them up for you. We'll send you an email when it's ready."
    Posted 7 years ago by OMG BACON!! Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Mine took about an hour—which to me is light speed fast. I was figuring on a couple of days.

    Thank you TS! I can't begin to say how happy I am to have all of my snaps.

    And man, that last minute was a heart breaker...
    Posted 7 years ago by Sol Hawk Subscriber! | Permalink
  • where is the button to save my snaps, please and thanks?
    Posted 7 years ago by Geeki Yogini Subscriber! | Permalink
  •  There you go Geeki
    Posted 7 years ago by GarthBnut Subscriber! | Permalink