Good Glitchen Thread!!!!

Did you ever encounter a good glitch in the game who's help stuck out to you throughout your entire gameplay? I had some people help me in the beginning, but the ones that stick out to me the most are the ones on yellow crumb road that I was thankful to be a part of; Reigh, Enthe, Anya Karenya, Ginko, LN FRINDFROME (whoops probably spelled that wrong!), needlehabit, and so many others.

I also got some help from lots of pollokoo miners in my early days, particularly those hanging around in Tims. Further from that, my old mining buddies in Neva Neva, though I can't remember many other than Sommer who helped me tremendously when I came back from a long game hiatus, meant so much to me even now!

Outside of all that, kip konner was a fantastic ghost hunting mentor!

Now it's your turn! Whose glitchy goodness sticks out to you even now that the game is gone?

[this thread is meant to be a positivity one btw, if you couldn't tell, so please refrain from UNglitchy behavior :) if you have interest in an unglitchy glitchen thread, though I can't imagine why you'd want the grief, please do so elsewhere!] ~kurtie

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  • Whoever gave me that party pack whenever I was a wee newb. It was such a blessing and I never got to thank them!

    Kurtie for helping me find all my ghosts <3

    Heilig for introducing me to Glitch!!!, giving me a key to her house, and letting me use her machines.

    Rembrandt 2.0 who has just been really nice to me and was with me for The End. :)

    Also I have to include Gentla, my butler, just for being so sweet, even if she was an NPC ;_; <3
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  • Ones that stick in my mind are: TomC, Varaeth, Millie, Lord Bacon-o, glum pudding, Rascalmom (who went on to get hired by TS), emdot, Hburger, saraphim, Avery?, Voluptua Sneezelips, etc.  The list can go on and on.  Glitch was full of amazing people!!
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  • I wish I could remember who gave me a bag of cubimals when I asked in global if anyone wanted to trade for my fox ranger cubi, because he was the one I got first and literally the only one I didn't want! XD I came home to a bag of eighteen of them but I forget who gave it to me. She sweetly included a note with a full series list, as well!

    Also I'll never forget Jikuu and Kipple for coming to my home street when I said I wanted to intentionally die and experience hell, having gone several levels without doing so. They volunteered to cover my piggie's eyes and comfort him while I was gone, and mourned me promptly and congratulated me on my wine when I returned. I was very touched by that and it always gave me a smile to see them in-world or in chat.

    Also my boyfriend, Cameron Himself. I never managed to get my tower finished but he's the only reason I made it as far as I did.

    EDIT: Also on the last day, I was so worried I'd miss Humbaba's goodbye, as she is my patron Giant! At one point I had to restart my Flash and Moonie who was in GFJ with the hundred or so others of us was poised and at the ready to screencap for me if Humbaba manifested--which luckily she did about a half a second before I hit refresh, so I got to see it :) But I really appreciated her being ready to help me with that.
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  • Hearing all of these makes me so happy! ^_^
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  • Someone came to my yard and noticed how empty it was, and put multiple butterflies up. I forget who...
    Also, when I was a little tiny glitch, someone left several bags n the ground for someone to pick up. ^ - ^ made my day.
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  • Almost every Glitch I had the pleasure of interacting with, everyone on my friend list - just about all of whom I had no idea why they were adding me! - and everyone who left a note for me to find during the last days of Ur. Especially the writers of Swan Song and Ode to Glitchen and Ur - I'm sorry, guys, but I can't remember your usernames - and Lone Druid, whose refrain I found myself running through in my head as the end approached. (I managed to save copies of the Ode and Song of the Druid to my computer, if that's okay, but I missed Swan Song) Also to everyone in uutiif at the end...I thought I'd be spending the end alone, and I'm glad I was wrong.
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  • I want to thank rook knight for introducing me to this beautiful game/experience. I want to thank Osiris X, Erinbaby, Jope, gafanhotz & Glassy for always being so friendly. I want to thank Mr. iOuS kEiPhErs for taking me to an AB party. I want to thank Desh for taking care of my piggies. I want to thank flask, elf & FyodorD for always making me laugh.There are so many others, it would be too long of a list - I just love you all so much!
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  • My neighbors in my old Marylpole Mount street. Even though none of us knew each other when we moved in, we stayed friends through-out the life span of Glitch. We took care of our street and of each other.

    All the wonderful Glitchen I played with in the Sandbox Group. I always felt that group was everything Glitch was about - helping each other, doing surprizing things, and making the game fun for everyone (whether that was secret lairs, polka dot hats, secret missions or welcome bags for new players).

    I do not want to mention specific names because I would surely leave someone out, but almost everyone I met in this game was ready to contribute food, time or a laugh. Ur is a place I would want to live in RL.
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  • Me too :)
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  • Bachjess! 
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  • Milllie!!
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  • my memory is so bad >.< i wish i remember the glitchen name who gave me my first SDB when i started. And i ended up not letting her in my house coz i read a forum post said not to let people u dont know in the house. i hope she didnt think i was being mean. i was an innocent glitchen then >.< . i also dont remember who gave me furnitures. Those 2 big cabinets really helped with all my bags.
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