i have nothing useful to say

...except that i loved the world of Ur with my whole heart, big and messy and complicated, because it was that kind of world, deep and broad and beautiful and it was as real a place as ever existed in imagination, as amazing and surprising as any other place.

and i lived there and i loved there and always, always i live in groddle meadow.

i lived there once. i live there now. i will always live at 5117 estevan meadow.

no, that's not entirely true; i lived once in a starter apartment off of doon way.

but you never forget that first house you buy, the one you toil in the mines and save for. you never forget how you searched the real estate listings for something not too far from the subway but also not too close to the center of town.

you never forget how it took forever to walk to aranna, or the first time you went to the bottom of the deeps.

hangers-on, i do not need to explain these things to you.

you are my favorite estonian.

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  • :(
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  • Beautifully said and you are right.  I will always remember my Treehouse in Groddle, my Bog Apartment in Kalavana. my Medium Alakol home, my Cottage in Bortola and my Home street.  I have fond memories of them all but mostly I remember that little Treehouse that i worked so hard to buy and the fun I had there while I made so many discoveries in Ur.
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  • I loved my little treehouse in Pasha's Place, right next to Groddle Forest Junction - what a fabulous location for a young Glitch without teleportation!

    But even more, I loved my little bog house in Gopra Byle, where I could finally grow my herbs in peace, and I had two herb-growing roommates to keep me company.

    But even *more* I loved my new house in the Enchanted Forest, with the lovely purple shadows and that calm, soothing variation on the Glitch theme in the background.

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  • I, too, lived in Estevan Meadows. I loved your tribute.
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  • I will always love my little treehouse in Afar Whence Quarter, with the produce vendor right there and the groceries vendor one street over, and just a short, pleasant walk to the subway. Far enough north that I could run to the rooks (back when the rooks were confined to Aranna and Aranna was as far north as you could go).

    And a last thank you to the long-absent Guncotton, who let some of us share his charming bog house in Kuri Chil to escape the herb garden wars. Best of both worlds, with the best possible Glitchen.
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  • I was in 1538 Estevan Meadows for a short while. Then I moved to Lavu Lane, Andra, and that's where my heart remains.

    We are all in this together, since the beginning.
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  • Bortola.
    Vuos Bosca.
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  • oh, goodness! bortola!

    i LOVED bortola! i used to go on vacations to bortola!

    and down in jethimadh, on the tidal flats, it even smelled different.

    it was not just a group of people we played with, or a game that was fun.

    it was a PLACE. it was a whole world.

    and we lived in it.
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  • Another Estevan Meadows dweller here... thank you for the tribute, forever neighbor. =)
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