Planks VS Zombitch [brainstorm]

So, I have this idea in mind to (eventually) make a (simple) clone of Plants VS Zombies in a Glitch setup.
This would come in addition to Game of Orbs and Glitch Craft, and connected to the same img system.
If you played PVZ, you may agree with me that it's one of the coolest game ever, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about you can have a look over here to figure out.

Anyway, for now I'm gonna need your bbbrrraaaiiiiiiinnnnss.
I'm thinking about cubimals instead of the plants of PVZ, and each of those will have their own power and eventually something to throw towards the bad guys.
Powers should be quite similar to each type of plants you can find in the original game, and Projectiles should be something small enough to be thrown, with an entry in the Encyclopedia.
The Price value would be something like the suns in PVZ.
Here is a spreadsheet you can fill if you have any ideas about all that.

Planks VS Zombitch spreadsheet

Note: This may not be only about cubimals in the end, especially for defensive actions.
You can add new lines if you like with any item in the encyclopedia and their respective powers in-game.

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  • Perhaps the squid can shoot feather quills :/
    Feather quills have sharp points; and I guess it sorta relates in the sense
    'squid and ink' & 'quills and ink'
    It could go the other way, since its a feather, maybe the rook can shoot feathers :D

    Maybe the Gnome can shoot a variety of vegetables, which would most likely be the closest items of defense for a garden gnome. Random veggies from the garden. :)
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  • Well, if we go with using the cubimals, then they should shoot what their larger counterparts dropped. For example, the pig cubimal should shoot meat, the chicken grain and the butterfly milk.
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  • Crab: Pinches and makes zombies switch lanes. (garlic)
    Dustbunny: Single use, makes a large cloud of dust making the zombies cough and randomly wander around
    Firefly: creates energy (Sun)
    Juju: Single use, Drags away a zombie
    Magic Rock: Magically increases the firing rate of all offensive plants in the lane
    Rook: Single use, kills a huge area of zombies, but leaves an area that can't be planted on (Doom-shroom)
    Smuggler: Single use, delivers a package filled with no-no powder to the closest zombie in the lane. after a certain amount of time, the package will explode, getting no-no powder in a small radius, killing zombies, but it can also kill cubimals.
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  • I love PvZ but I have to say, the name of your game isn't appealing if you really think about it. XD

    I could see the Scion of Purple being good for the Fume Shroom category, if you don't mind purple dust.
    Phantom's could be Grave busters.
    Hell's Bartentender = Torchwood

    Will have to think a little more on this...
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  • Maybe replacing zomb-glitches with the greedy street spirit's minions would be a good idea? :P
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  • Thx for your ideas
    I'll try to include them as much as possible, but the final picks are mostly restricted to what's available in the encyclopedia around the graphics and animations ;)
    Also, it's gonna stay focused around the most important plants, probably nothing too secondary like garlic or grave...
    If you have a better name, feel free to give it a shot, Planks VS Zombitch is the closest I could find to PVZ
    And what kind of minions are you talking about gmfk07?
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  • Dunno, but maybe we could come up with something as part of the story - maybe we're defending the stars from getting stolen, and making the Greedy Street Spirit the main antagonist along with making the enemies different types of street spirits (the friends of the Greedy Street Spirit who want to help him steal the stars).
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  • Hmm I see... but the Street Spirits don't look anything like bad guys to me
    Also there's nothing in the encyclopedia about the Greedy Street Spirit quest and related assets anyway
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  • Eh, just a thought. The lack of info is a plus if you ask me, we can have this go wherever we want and there's no real information for people to use to argue that it isn't canon.
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  • It's not about the lack of info, it's about the lack of graphics, as I wouldn't want to redraw everything from scratch...for what's supposed to be a glitch-based game
    Anyway, the game is coming together nicely and will be ready soon ;)
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  • Hmm... what if the bad guys were Jujus instead of zombies?  Cubis VS Jujus?  (both the Juju Bandits and Juju Grandma are in the encyclopedia)

    For projectiles...
    Gwendolyn -> random kindness?
    Rube -> herb seeds?
    Maintenance Bot -> fuel cell?
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  • Yeah the jujus are part of the bad guys, after their guest starring in Game of orbs ;)
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  • Okay the game is released :]
    See the post in the general forums
    Keeping some of your ideas around in case I add other cubis later!
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