Trash Chutes to Trash Mountain Caverns

so one of the things i keep wondering about the glitch world is *mess* and *waste*.

i guess alchemy got me really thinking about this because while experimenting sometimes you waste components. they're destroyed and just vanish.

then i thought about the shrines .. where does all the stuff we stuff in those shrines actually GO?

then i thought about making items and how there's never and waste items spit out to clean up.

then i thought about how messy the houses are right now. and how maybe cleaning up after ourselves could be part of the game.

but then i thought "wow, that'd be boring. cleaning up after yourself all the time is too much like real life."

but *THEN* i thought "hay, it doesn't HAVE to be boring! what if all the trash went into garbage chutes that would all merge together into even bigger chutes that would dive to the deepest caverns in the bowels of the glitchworld where the detritus of glitch society would collect in ginormous TRASH MOUNTAIN CAVERNS!"

and then players and npcs could wait eagerly at the mouths of the chutes for cool things to come down the pipe, or create recycling businesses for the various pieces of junk. people could live down there in houses built from trash, powered by burning food waste in giant furnaces. the chutes could even filter discarded items based on size, to make finding things in the dump a bit easier. it could be fun and truly epic!

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  • and and people could have little roombas that would clean up anything that didn't fit in house cupboards and was left laying on the floor, and send them down the chutes.

    but then over time they'd slowly achieve sentience and demand the right to unionize.
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  • The idea of riding down mysterious garbage chutes appeals to me too, and I wish I knew why--it has no counterpart in RL. It could certainly make a cool alternative to Hell...maybe that should be Purgatory..working to recycle the great Lem landfill.

    It would be fun to donate yourself to a shrine for a quest.
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  • i was thinking that people could ride the chutes down to the trash mountain caverns, but also that you could take the stairs down right beside the chutes, and every few seconds you'd see some items fly by down the chutes [cross section view]
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  • This is a cool idea!
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  • Neat! Clearly we're going to have a hell of a lot of fun in Glitch as the years go by...
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  • one year gone by already : ]
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  • If the robot/boat/house building ideas take off, it'd be a good place to salvage spare parts and recycle materials...
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  • I am reminded of the scene in Labyrinth (a movie referenced in-game) where Sara runs into that lady with all the junk on her back inside that huge junkscape. 
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  • I like this idea. There could even be a trash mountain related quest. Maybe piggies or bubble trees ask for a lost item, such as a handcrafted doll (or a tin hat).
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