Baratheon's Home Street

Owned by Baratheon


A Firefly Swarm, 3 Jellisac Growths, 1 Dirt Pile, 1 Wood Tree, 3 Spice Plants, 2 Bean Trees, 1 Bubble Tree, 1 Gas Plant, 1 Fruit Tree, 1 Metal Rock for mining, and 8 Herb Garden plots.


A Little Called Pauline
A little called anything shows shudders.

Come and say what prints all day. A whole few watermelon. There is no pope.

No cut in pennies and little dressing and choose wide soles and little spats really little spices.

A little lace makes boils. This is not true.

Gracious of gracious and a stamp a blue green white bow a blue green lean, lean on the top.

If it is absurd then it is leadish and nearly set in where there is a tight head.

A peaceful life to arise her, noon and moon and moon. A letter a cold sleeve a blanket a shaving house and nearly the best and regular window.

Nearer in fairy sea, nearer and farther, show white has lime in sight, show a stitch of ten. Count, count more so that thicker and thicker is leaning.

I hope she has her cow. Bidding a wedding, widening received treading, little leading mention nothing.

Cough out cough out in the leather and really feather it is not for.

Please could, please could, jam it not plus more sit in when.

(Gertrude Stein)
Please be kind to Arthur.
This wood tree is named Arthur, and I'd be very sad if he died.

Don't click "Harvest to Clear" if it comes up.

Use fertilidust or fertilidust-lite if you have some.

Pet and water it even if you're not taking some wood.

If you need more planks I have plenty, or you can teleport to:
Magha Shank in Rasana
Afar Whence in Tamila
Grimssea Bottom in Groddle Forest

These are the streets which have trees with doors that take you to "enchanted forests", the only place wood trees automatically regenerate if cleared. Check the auctions for a teleport scroll or use a teleport token to get there.

I'm trying to get the "last egg standing" quest completed. feel free to harvest it down to one egg for me though. :)

dear baratheon,
i was strolling through homestreets via neighbor poles when i happened upon yours. at first i was just on a chicken squeezing streak but i decided to roam around and look at all of your things. i thoguht i'd leave a note saying that you have a lovely street and GOT theme happening (cry i'm slowly making my way through the books). carry on :)
A note!
I hope you like your second floor.
"Climb" by Winifred Welles


My shoes fall on the house-top that is so far beneath me,
I have hung my hat forever on the sharp church spire,

Now what shall seem the hill but a moment of surmounting,
The height but a place to dream of something higher!

Wings? Oh not for me, I need no other pinions
Than the beating of my heart within my breast;

Wings are for the dreamer with a bird-like longing,
Whose dreams come home at eventide to nest.

The timid folk beseech me, the wise ones warn me,
They say that I shall never grow to stand so high ;
But I climb among the hills of cloud and follow vanished

I shall stand knee-deep in thunder with my head against
the sky.

Tiptoe, at last, upon a pinnacle of sunset,
I shall greet the death-like evening with laughter from

Nor tremble in the darkness nor shun the windy midnight,
For by the evening I shall be a star.