(Pleasing Amber)

I'm just this guy, you know? (Imagined 6PM, Weddingday, 24th of Remember, Year 23.)


Martial Imagination Baratheon finished learning the Martial Imagination skill
a long time ago
Transcendental Radiation I Baratheon finished learning the Transcendental Radiation I skill
a long time ago
a long time ago
Bureaucratic Arts II Baratheon finished learning the Bureaucratic Arts II skill
a long time ago
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A Little Called Pauline
A little called anything shows shudders.

Come and say what prints all day. A whole few watermelon. There is no pope.

No cut in pennies and little dressing and choose wide soles and little spats really little spices.

A little lace makes boils. This is not true.

Gracious of gracious and a stamp a blue green white bow a blue green lean, lean on the top.

If it is absurd then it is leadish and nearly set in where there is a tight head.

A peaceful life to arise her, noon and moon and moon. A letter a cold sleeve a blanket a shaving house and nearly the best and regular window.

Nearer in fairy sea, nearer and farther, show white has lime in sight, show a stitch of ten. Count, count more so that thicker and thicker is leaning.

I hope she has her cow. Bidding a wedding, widening received treading, little leading mention nothing.

Cough out cough out in the leather and really feather it is not for.

Please could, please could, jam it not plus more sit in when.

(Gertrude Stein)
Please be kind to Arthur.
This wood tree is named Arthur, and I'd be very sad if he died.

Don't click "Harvest to Clear" if it comes up.

Use fertilidust or fertilidust-lite if you have some.

Pet and water it even if you're not taking some wood.

If you need more planks I have plenty, or you can teleport to:
Magha Shank in Rasana
Afar Whence in Tamila
Grimssea Bottom in Groddle Forest

These are the streets which have trees with doors that take you to "enchanted forests", the only place wood trees automatically regenerate if cleared. Check the auctions for a teleport scroll or use a teleport token to get there.

I'm trying to get the "last egg standing" quest completed. feel free to harvest it down to one egg for me though. :)

who would believe them winged
who would believe they could be

beautiful who would believe
they could fall so in love with mortals

that they would attach themselves
as scars attach and ride the skin

sometimes we hear them in our dreams
rattling their skulls clicking their bony fingers

envying our crackling hair
our spice filled flesh

they have heard me beseeching
as I whispered into my own

cupped hands enough not me again
enough but who can distinguish

one human voice
amid such choruses of desire

(lucille clifton, 2007)
Tell me about the dream where we pull the bodies out of the lake
and dress them in warm clothes again.
How it was late, and no one could sleep, the horses running
until they forget that they are horses.
It?s not like a tree where the roots have to end somewhere,
it?s more like a song on a policeman?s radio,
how we rolled up the carpet so we could dance, and the days
were bright red, and every time we kissed there was another apple
to slice into pieces.
Look at the light through the windowpane. That means it?s noon, that means
we?re inconsolable.
Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us.
These, our bodies, possessed by light.
Tell me we?ll never get used to it.

(richard siken, 2005)
the red poppy
The great thing
is not having
a mind. Feelings:
oh, I have those; they
govern me. I have
a lord in heaven
called the sun, and open
for him, showing him
the fire of my own heart, fire
like his presence.
What could such glory be
if not a heart? Oh my brothers and sisters,
were you like me once, long ago,
before you were human? Did you
permit yourselves
to open once, who would never
open again? Because in truth
I am speaking now
the way you do. I speak
because I am shattered.

(louise gl?ck)
the the harbormaster
I wanted to be sure to reach you;
though my ship was on the way it got caught
in some moorings. I am always tying up
and then deciding to depart. In storms and
at sunset, with the metallic coils of the tide
around my fathomless arms, I am unable
to understand the forms of my vanity
or I am hard alee with my Polish rudder
in my hand and the sun sinking. To
you I offer my hull and the tattered cordage
of my will. The terrible channels where
the wind drives me against the brown lips
of the reeds are not all behind me. Yet
I trust the sanity of my vessel; and
if it sinks, it may well be in answer
to the reasoning of the eternal voices,
the waves which have kept me from reaching you.

(frank o'hara)