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You're viewing some of nearly 200 "Quick Ideas" Keita Takahashi produced for the MMO Glitch. Have fun!

Quick Idea #90

I like idea that our house are in our interior world.
But I feel bit empty that there are not house in real world.

So how do you think about this?

You can buy just Land. You can move your house from your interior world, and then you can put it on your land.

Of course, Whether moving to real world or staying interior world, it is up to you.

Also it might be interesting if you can buy special land (maybe expensive) at general location.

Quick Idea #91

I tried to put the sun on the sky. Because there is not it on the sky.
What can the sun do for us?

- show the Glitch time?
- show the @playglitch tweets?
- sell special something if you reached to the sun by jump?
- random warp if you reached to the sun by jump?
- entrance to another world?
- get sunburned if you reached to the sun by jump?
- can grill dishes very well if you reached to the sun by jump?
- can do photosynthesis very well if you reached to the sun by jump?
- etc etc...

Quick Idea #92

Concept of new chat.

Chat window and avatar are too apart.
So I feel that I am not in Glitch world when I am chatting.
Maybe I am in text world. (However chat window is good for see chat history. so we can't dump chat window.)
Therefore I want to chat using space around avatar as possible.

And When you doing local chat to other player,

Quick Idea #93

How do you think about such a location?

You can explore a dinosaur via mouth or anal.

Quick Idea #94

I want various Trants.

You can make food tree bean using some foods.

Then various food tree grow out.

Quick Idea #95

Because toy gun is popular now at Vancouver office.
Anyway I think this is correct using way of "soap" babble.

Quick Idea #96

This is somnambulant skill.

If you got this skill, your avatar will hanging around on world so freely while doing afk.
They can do pet, jump, harvest and etc etc while sleeping. It might looks like they really alive.

Quick Idea #97

Wink animation for rich communication.

I think people who live at western countries is good at wink, and it's a daily behaviour.
Almost all Japanese can't wink well :)

Quick Idea #98

I want various gameshow machines.




Present box. You can choose one box.

Ghost Leg

Quick Idea #99

I want to inflate balloon using helium gas.

Then want to fly.

Also you can play together with other player.

It's like a "Balloon Fight". [1]