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I don't like letting go.
VorpalCheese introduced me to this game, and we shared several good months hanging out and crafting things.

She is no longer with us, and now this game is ending. I'm very sad that one of the things we shared will no longer be. I miss her so much it hurts.

I will miss this great community. You've all been the kindest, most polite MMO community I had ever met.

I will miss this creative, unique game, where people can just be themselves.

On Dec. 9, promise yourselves you will add to this world and make our futures the best they can be.

Goodbye, and stay Glitchy <3
Beginning of goodbye.
I remember meeting you back in 2010, when I had accidentally stumbled upon G-chat. Everyone thought I was a troll because of my antics, lol. Over time, we all got to know each other and we all shared a part of our lives during the golden days of MERP. I remember the intrigue, the lulz, the drama. There was DM, Adohn, Nephira, Cai Li, Seyva, Sinki, Lokirus, Neminis, Armineh, Vir, Nijad, Cayenne, and all kinds of awesome characters. Then I got to meet you and Mad at Norwescon. I was so happy to meet you all, and I had a hell of a time at my first con ever... where I also got proposed to by Earnie. I don't know why we drifted apart... everyone went their separate ways, but we are all still G-chatters at heart. I'm running out of space on this note. Wherever you are, I don't know if you will ever see this. if you do... goodbye. You were an amazing friend until the very end, and I will never forget you.