Calamity Snood



Is there a complaint box?
To whom it may concern,
I was here today to have my deviated septum fixed, I have terrible breathing problems and severe allergies which makes life terrible. I'm pretty sure my nose would have looked just like Halle Barry's when the swelling went down.
Anyway, if you can imagine, this snooty Glitch in red glitch-gitch asked me my age!!!!!! I told her to imagine my foot in her ass.
So back to my complaint, when security escorted me out, my collar got wrinkled! I expect compensation! Perhaps that Halle Barry nose no cost? I have a great lawyer and I WILL persue this terrible injustice!!

Mrs. Nerd
I found this disgusting mess beneath my bed! I would hope for a complete refund with a possible gift of a GNG. Thak you and good day!

Mrs. Snood
I didn't know if you wanted another herb garden so I left it for you