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Technoutopian anti-racist feminist anarchist. Buy my book on Amazon: Unruly Islands!


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Anrasan Glance's quiet beauty
I loved to come stand here and imagine looking out over the land. The ocean was tantalizing for so long and then finally we had a beach area in Firozi and then the great underwater areas of Jal and Samudra!!! This lookout point was a beautiful promise! <3 <3
Don't go any further if you see a tomato. They throw themselves under your feet to make you slip. And their horrible little eyes!! The eyes pop underfoot with a sound like pop rocks in your mouth. Then.... THEY come. For vengeance, and with jars of creamy catsup the color of opalline blood. The beating of terrible wings... a cold wind... and the way you feel like a delicious blood sausage, suddenly...
Sunday Special - Shining Path Crab
Young Hetchy Track crab sauteed lightly with spinach, shiny elements, and wood tree bean shoots, drizzled with silvertongue essence. {Market Price}
Northwest Passage is great
This was one of my favorite spots in Glitch. A cave, bubbles, a cool secret portal, Lem who is my favorite Giant, and a cliff to leap off of. And sparkly!!!!!!! <3 I loved hanging out here and made it my main teleport point. GLITCH I MISS YOU