l am a fading ghost haunting Ur, roaming and exploring,hoping to find a potion to induce Giant sleep , and be redreamed


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I love you all. So much. I'm sorry, but I have to go. I'm deleting my account. See you on the other side.

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Status update

sorry to see this post, but i feel like a diehard coming by to see if the other boot has dropped yet, keep your name and we will meet in another game someday, hopefully a resurection of Ur, but my hope does not spring eternal (<3)

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A note!
can t find youre butler, but i stopped by with a house warmer, ad me as a neighbour if you want and use my street stuff :) me again :( looks like youve moved on if you come back stop by
just a friendly visit
Hi James, I stopped by ,but you have no butler to leave a message with. Do stop by and visit , feel free to use my resources if i am away . :D
A note!
hi how are you getting along? i tried to talk to you when i gave you the bag of stuff. i have added you as a friend so if you need anything you can come by my place and leave a message or post me from the mail box or im me if i m around, feel free to visit my street and use my stuff ad me to your neighbour pole if you want. welcome ti the game of glitch, its the best.... have fun, and don t be a stranger ;D