Glitch Birthday: Standday 21st of Remember, year 17. I loved every preposterous moment!


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  1. TransplantedEntwife

    Bye, friend (from TE and AJ, her offspring who thinks you're pretty darn awesome and cute) <3

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I likely won't be around for the site items going offline. What a ride this was. Thank you all for wonderful Glitch experience!

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  1. TransplantedEntwife

    =( You will be missed. I wish you nothing but the best.

Little Poundcake

Remind us to tell you about mountaineering sometime!

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  1. Wynella

    Lovely article. So happy that pieces of Glitch are surviving the game shutdown and making into the "real world". :)

  2. SeerQueen

    omigosh there's a high quality picture of a real life musicblock.

  3. Hab

    Thanks for posting this! It really was a great article and captured so much about how it was! :)


Hello lovely...
Can you tell me how to light up the heart-shaped ice with red in Lotha Harte?
Please leave my little Yeti here
He is waiting for Christmas in his natural habitat!
Thank you Stoot!!!
Best wishes in the future.
I will miss you all!
Much love!