Helcat threw the very first End of the World party and once had a fearsome army of gnomes at her command. Otherwise, she's quite nondescript


Status update

Oh hey, you guys are still here! Merry Christmas all. Let's pull a cracker together.

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Farewell fellow miners
This was my favorite place in the game. I will miss the camaraderie and the goofs. And you. I will miss you. See you in another life.
Dear Tiny Speck
I'm not a gamer - the only other video game I ever played was Myst, and then GNE, which eventually led me here. But this place you've created is magical and welcoming to a non gamer and I am so grateful I lucked into Glitch early on. I often joked, sometimes half convincing myself, that this was all really a sociologist's PhD thesis. It sounds grandiose as hell to say, but I'm serious: the generosity and whimsy that emerged from the players as soon as they had amassed some basic resources gives one hope for humanity. My favorite development in the game was the spontaneous random art projects: the mock wedding in Ajaya, the teleportation trains, the decorations in Plexus, my own (ahem, totally brilliant) creation of a cavern cloud of frogs. No idea was too goofy to draw eager volunteers. That spirit of fun and cooperation, fostered by the tone you set with the wonderful art and inspired silliness, was something truly exceptional. I can't wait to see what you guys do next.