Did anyone happen to save a copy of the note I left. I forgot to take a screenshot of it.


Teleportation V Jardex finished learning the Teleportation V skill
a long time ago
Melismata Rookwood

Goodnight, Grendaline.


More like Good Morning then goodnight. Unless the giants are nocturnal.



EotW Party
Hi, (and bye:() everyone,

In the spirit of the end, I'm providing everyone Hooch. This is pretty much my LIFETIME supply (Except those 100 or so I drank on a bet). I've distilling my extra grains for awhile now, and I want to share it. In addition, I'll leave my still out for free will filling.

Also, feel free to frolic (and indulge, if you know what I mean) through the Purple fields. Have a great time and Party on everyone!

The unknown,

(BTW, leave this note on the ground)
I'll be here
This must be the highest place in Ur. I guess as far as I'll ever know, it is. I started this journey from Ix to experience the wonders of the Purple Flower. It was an amazing experience :)

I'm considering experiencing the end here. It's so quiet and free of "Tributes" *coughlittercough*. It is a vast difference from Groddle Forest (my other option). I wish I knew where I entered this world, but I didn't think it would be important.

Anyways, I'm setting a teleport for here, so I'll probably be here during the end if you want to hang and Purple out.