(lisa pizza)

i like unicorns.


Status update

i'm really missing glitch today. sigh sigh sigh.

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weesaw joined Glitches Anonymous
a long time ago

soulless is what happens when you stay in global late...


the stactus is so cute i just wanna hug it :3


how did i never notice these street spirits?


The rhythm of my footsteps
crossing flatlands to your door
have been silenced forever more.

goodbye, little glitch. i probably never got to know you, and that makes me sad. ur is the world i always wished for, and now that i've found it it will be the world i always pine for.

i hope you manage to wrangle every last drop of iMG from this game in the next few weeks. nibble, jump, pet, and give to last a lifetime. in that vein, here are some presents for you. i hope you enjoy them! pass them (or new presents) along if you are so inclined.

aahhhhhh i want to hug it!
get an achievement!
if you use the metal machine with the music turned on, you'll get an achievement!

i've left some plain metal ingots here, so all you need is tin to make a metal rod.

if it runs out of fuel, take the machine apart and put it back together again.

good luck! :D