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Bureaucratic Arts II Fumski finished learning the Bureaucratic Arts II skill
a long time ago
Teleportation V Fumski finished learning the Teleportation V skill
a long time ago
Quick on Your Feat Fumski earned the Quick on Your Feat badge
a long time ago
Veganpotato Veganpotato added Fumski as a friend! (it's mutual)
a long time ago
Five Feat Under Fumski earned the Five Feat Under badge
a long time ago


Please do not chop this tree
Please refrain from chopping this tree. I want it to grow... Thank you.
Stolen note!
Omg! My note has gone missing! The person who took my note on this spot... You are awesome! xD I'm just a bit curious why it was taken though, it wasn't that special nor interesting lol~
Your tower is finally finished =D *yay* Looking forward to the content, theme and decorations. ^^