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melody dean

and iiiiieiii will always looooove yoooou


And Iiiiii, Will alwaayyss loveeee yoouuu!!!! I loved that song :D


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melody dean

finally got off my butt and contributed to the artbook fund. i know all i'll do is cry over it and sob but....

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  1. Keeda

    Cheer up, We still have a couple more days on the forums (:

Status update
melody dean

finally went through all 20some pages of snaps i was in and saved my favorites! wow. so many glitch train attempt snaps!

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king smo

barfing pumpkins

melody dean

this was so much fun... shame we'll never have a cebarkul zilloween.


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a long time ago


dont eat the yellow snow
it might look like essence of yellow crumb flower
but it probably is not
dear baratheon,
i was strolling through homestreets via neighbor poles when i happened upon yours. at first i was just on a chicken squeezing streak but i decided to roam around and look at all of your things. i thoguht i'd leave a note saying that you have a lovely street and GOT theme happening (cry i'm slowly making my way through the books). carry on :)
your eyes are
ever watching, yet
i feel not
disturbed by stares
so long as
they are yours...

The Final Weeks
My heart aches as the taste of alcohol slathered cake burns my tongue
Such bittersweet departure, where will I be free to run?
Ancestral Lands, your dust trap snaps have caught my dress so much
I'm nostalgic of the days I spent collecting paper, gems, and stew for lunch
Oh, Hector Dear, I'll miss your stripes, your orange hue and stare
Who will watch me writing notes for a darkened room so bare?
The call is out to say goodbye and hug out Emo Bears
But tonight I find I'll cry, I don't know how I'll fare.

an open letter to stoot and tinyspeck,
i discovered glitch through word of mouth a few months ago. i graduated high school this june and like every other teenager, i had no idea what i wanted to do with my life. so i opted not to go to college and take a year off while i figure things out for myself. the internet proved boring over the summer, but as it dwindled to an end a bunch of my friends started talking about this cool new game they'd never heard of before. and i mean, EVERYONE, not a person i knew wasn't at lest trying it out. so i asked for an invite and started playing immediately. i had no idea that what i found would blossom into what could be called some kind of addiction...

but it's really more like a second home. thank you for creating something beautiful to relax my mind and bring me closer to people i never would have met without global and random hi's/quests. i look forward to whatever it is you guys have in store for us next!

sincerely, with love,
melody dean