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froot get all nostalgia like RIGHT NOW also froot would pay all the bananas for one that plays rube theme because that would be good trade :3

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froot had a nice home <3 froot very happy to have had. <3 <3 <3

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Super Confidential Patient Schedule
Standday Morning, 41st of Widdershins
- Froot, Obsessive Behaviour @ 9:30 AM
- Sirentist, Fear of Missing Something @ 10:15 AM
- Coriander Fitzbilly, Pathological Poshitude @ 11:00 AM

Lunch Break, Mama Gogo's Hook'n'Hump @ 11:50 AM

Standday Afternoon, 41st of Widdershins
- Saucelah, Multiple Personality Personality @ 1:30 PM
- TotallyMentalMommy, Butler Abuse Management @ 2:15 PM
- Belle Z. Bub, No-No Rehabilitation @ 3:00 PM
- Saraphim, Cubimal Hoarding @ 3:45 PM