Luck Yeti has been robotized. I am now a robot. Beep boop blip! Hugging functions still work. WHIRRRRCLICK. gchat me: luckyeti[at]gmail


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What if I put a bucket over my head and bang on it with a metal ladle? *gets out ladle and puts bucket on head* Here we go! *hits* *passes out*

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Status update
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  1. Froot

    froot get all nostalgia like RIGHT NOW also froot would pay all the bananas for one that plays rube theme because that would be good trade :3

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Status update

Looking forward to getting both the Art of Glitch book and Danny's remastered sound track. I refuse to use either without the other until I have looked through the book while listening to the music at the same time at least once. The first time will be special to me. Oh my, that could be turned dirty..

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Dear Stoot
So, you hired my best bro ever, Kale. I really miss working with her, but she says you are the best boss person ever. Kale is also the greatest person I've ever worked with.

Thank you for treating my bro so well! I will ask her to bring you some rhubarb pie.

-golgar (Geoff)
Hey stoot
I came by your house to inspect it for unauthorized hax, but you weren't home. I will be here tomorrow sometime between 8am and midnight. I can't be more specific, cuz I gotta be me!