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Dr. Payne, Thank you for collecting and posting the notes. I even saw the one that I had dropped in uutiif.I really appreciate all of your efforts to preserve our love and memories. <3 -Soymokey

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Bye friends :) <3
I made something to remember Glitch by. You can see it at http://www.glitch.com/forum/general/29379/. Please show all of your friends so that they can remember too!
Best Wishes
Thanks for the wonderful experiences and the opportunity to live the dream you've had for over a decade. Best of luck in your new ventures as well.

I have a small hope you will carry this dream with you and one day give it to a chicken to incubate so it hatches a-new :)

So long and thanks for all the Glitch! ^_^

-Dr Payne, Dublin, Ireland
Farewell, Ur, farewell.
Have you read these notes? They tell a story. A story of wonder, of imagination, of a world - a glorious world - that brought together people from across the globe. From all walks of life, all ages & all races. This amazing creation did something we have not yet been able to do in the real world. It threw us together and we stuck. We stuck together like glue. No hate, no jealousy, no prejudice. It did not matter who you were, what age you were, what you did or where you were from. Everyone was kind to each other. Helped each other without seeking anything in return and shared the beautiful world of Ur. No other game can claim this.

Tiny Speck, know that we will always love this place deep within our hearts. We love everything it gave us and everything it promised to give.

Thank you for the most wonderful social and gaming experience I think I will ever know. No other game that has come to an end has left me with tears in my eyes.

Thank you.