Status update

I still miss Glitch. Here's hoping that Glitch inspires a new group of developers to produce something with the same sort of community and preposterous focus.

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Status update

If anyone wants to reach me "beyond Glitch", I'm sycamoretea on Twitter, and jf.sycamore via gmail.

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The beginning is near!
Begin to take a deep breath, now let it out, and realize that we can take this magic with us. Scary, huh?

The connections we feel here we can spread into the world. It's scary, reaching out, risking ourselves, but sometimes, sometimes people reach back. And then, connection. And sometimes the connections fade or die, but that's okay, too. The world is more than just the sum of give and take. The world is also story and love and honesty and beauty. Let the world beyond your screen be as beautiful as this one has been to you.

Wake up with the Giants, let the world tell you secrets, and tell some of your own.

Here is my reaching out... merely an hour from the end, maybe someone will want to reach out, here in this luminous place, with a silly forehorseman dancing in place: jf.sycamore on gmail.
Final times.
As I walk this world with my lover, I cannot help but be awed by the spectre of this world. So much beauty, elegance, and wonder. I wish it could go on forever. Instead, I am left these final moments, trying to take it all in, to devour the sparkling luminescence of these last days.

Thank you, dear developers, wonderful support people, amazing back end repair people, and generous fellow glitchians. While I didn't play as often as I would have liked, I enjoyed every moment I was here. Thank you for a view of a different world. May we all carry this wonder and beauty and generosity into our flesh lives.

I am grateful for Glitch.
The cliff edge.
Here, on the edge of a cliff of no consequence, liquid between ourselves and doom, we tour the waning world. Bright light above, sunsets through bubble streams, this luminous adventure is nearing its end.

Tonight, we see the half imagined streets, the messages of farewell, this last feat echoing in our chats.

May your travels here and ever after be full of laughter, full of love, and full of compassion. May the road be only as rough as you wish it and the travellers always amiable. May these sunsets echo in the world that we all inhabit with our bodies and the camaraderie we've lived here extend to the edges of Earth.

One day we will meet again, perhaps not knowing who we are meeting, but feeling, I hope, this same sense of connection.

Adieu, fair friends, may the world treat you well.
These final hours.
In these moments before the end, before the darkness, I find myself admiring every digital brushstroke, every word of flavor text, savoring them as if I could store every nuance in my mind like sunbeams after a rain. Watching the global chat scroll past, goodbyes and plans of wakes streaming by, I am struck by how little I participated myself. If I had it to do again, I would have listened more, would have talked more, would have spent less time hiding behind the screen, fearing for sounding like an idiot. I would have sounded like an idiot anyway, but it would have been okay. I'll take that back into the world beyond the screen: speak up, risk myself, because sometimes people reach back and there is beauty in both the risk and the reach. Farewell, friends I never met, even those I'll never talk to before this world walks away. Take care with yourself. Seven billion people on the planet, and we're all just as alien to each other as we can be. unique is good; connection is better.
Just the Beginning
It's the beginning, my friends. The beginning of a bold new adventure! May we find each other and others like us out in the world of air and grime and flesh.

In fact, hello! This world was real, and we can still be real, even more real to each other.

Here's my beginning, my toast with a Cosma-politan, to new friends and new adventures: if you should need a friendly stranger, I'm jf.sycamore on gmail. If you don't, that's okay too, a whim is strong enough for contact. Like the imaginings of the giants, we can be connected or separate, together or apart, but we share the same world and can see the same beauty. Look up and around.

It's okay to be scared. It's okay to be sad. But remember: it's also okay to be happy, to be okay, to be at peace.

Farewell, and hello, my fellow Glitchen. May your days bring you joy, in this world and the other.
Eternal twilight.
These last moments seem to last forever and then are quickly gone. Running and leaping through the streets, sunset is followed by twilight, livingrooms by kitchens, and so many other scenes.

Here, in this eternal twilight, the gradients so perfectly balanced, the silhouettes sit calmly until a Glitch leaps through, disturbing the tranquility of the view.

Unlike many places, this one is void of animals. The large trees the only notable figures in this landscape, white flowers and plants playing second fiddle to the backdrop.

In awe, I let my Glitch stand and wait for the final moments of light, but my patience is not that long. So onward, to other vistas, I will wander, keeping this perfect moment, eternally twilight, in my mind for dark days in the flesh world.
May this be the beginning of new things, the start of good things, the entrance to many worlds.

May all our wishes find their way to fruition.
May life treat all of us very well.

In these final minutes (10 of them), we are sharing the beauty of this eternal twilight.

Thank you, everyone.
WE are amazing.

jf.sycamore (gmail)
Cold Farewell
In this new place, amidst icicles and ice cubes, the fall of the world is bittersweet. This beautiful place, the wind whistling through the stalactites, the blue hues soothing and cold, warms and chills my heart all at once. It is difficult to reach out, into the unknown of the world, to see who might be willing to look back at us without hurting us, or without us hurting them. But reach out we must, if we are to carry the beauty of Glitch into our lives beyond the screen. Reach out, risk it, in these last hours, I challenge you to connect... with a fellow Glitch, with someone random, and see which dice land: those of kindness or those of wariness. I hope that kindness always looks back, but I know it doesn't always. Risk it anyway. Take a deep breath and reach out. The story is worth it. Universe, the world on the other side, loves you too. Take heart, people *will* reach back. Here's my risk, my reach... find me on gmail: jf.sycamore