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So much stuff in here!
But it goes quickly! Feel free to leave things you don't need/want for anyone else who might visit (and thanks to those who already have).
My last day
I have imagined a world without giants. I've shared this wonderful place with wonderful Glitches, and now I'm moving on. I won't be coming back, so please don't leave messages or gifts--give to others who are still here. But please, keep using this place to gather, give and take materials and items, and to chill out. Imagine. -THESTU
Help yourself!
Take everything. I've gone off to a land with no giants. Imagine it, and then take everything that's here.
Help yourself
Take everything! I just learned you can't take stuff off shelves, so I've moved it all to the floor. Sorry for the clutter!
Sorry if there's stuff you can't pick up. I'm working on changing the placement of items so you can take everything. :)
Use these!
I fueled them up as best I could and left materials near them. Use 'em or don't--I don't even know what the game allows. But take what you want and have fun!