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Look at my face, glitchens. Look at what lack of glitch has done to me. My aura is peeling, my eyes have gone shopping and now have bags. I have to content myself by playing Lemo's handmade games, but the actual players themselves are missing. I don't know where to go...but the Minecraft graphics make me cringe. Sincerely, Bacon-Without-a-Game

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My very own Heli-kitty. Thanks LP for this wonderful gift *hugs*


Don't worry, I totally love the Glitch version of a heli kitty :D


The Legend of the Fish
The Legend of the Fish.

Once these tree salmon roamed these lands in great abundance. Today, however, they are few. It is a rare treat indeed to find a fish among the trees, but sometimes. if you look carefully, you can discover one.

There is nothing about these fish that make them uniquely suited for life in the trees. In fact, they're pretty much *not* suited for life in the trees, which may well explain their rarity.

But, know this, little one: There will come a time when these trees will be full of fish once again. And when that time comes, the fish will remember who on Ur shared empathy for their plight, and who greedily took them added them to a plank along with some olive-oil and ate them.

And they **will have their revenge.**

Spread the Legend!
Thank you.
I don't know what to say D:

I feel sad, sick and empty...

I've really enjoyed the time I've spend in Glitch and it will always have a special place in my heart and mind.

The community was the best I've seen in my whole life and I don't think we'll see one like this in a long time...

Thank you TS; Thank you for the wonderful moments I had from Glitch.
Thank you TS; Thank you for the uniqueness this game offered.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
You guys are awesome and I wish you all the best. You guys did a great job and I'm sad it has to end like this.

Thanks you