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a memoir
At first it kind of shocked me that my initial goal was to focus heavily on culinary arts (and therefore vying for Pot?s favor) only to see my favor with Lem far surpass it without a lot of effort from me. However, given my long-time love of travel and exploration carrying over to my actions in the game, I realized it was just natural for Lem to be my so-called patron giant in it.

I didn?t make it to every single street of Ur as was my initial goal, nor did I really put my penpersonship to use until now, but i?m okay with that. Our lives are short so there will always be places that remain unknown to us, but it?s the memories and adventure in those far off lands we do visit that mean so much more. And as someone who would always take every incentive to travel and explore new places long before I discovered Glitch, I could not be more at peace with this conclusion even if my stay in Ur was cut short.

Thanks, Lem and Tiny Speck. You've given me a great adventure.
So long, and thanks for all the fish!
It was fun!