Status update

Aye, I missed the last day of Glitch because I've been so busy. I guess it is the end of one world </3

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Fuelmaking Wolfshadow finished learning the Fuelmaking skill
a long time ago
Chief of Tinkering Operations Wolfshadow earned the Chief of Tinkering Operations badge
a long time ago
Nudgery I Wolfshadow finished learning the Nudgery I skill
a long time ago
Amateur Decrustifier Wolfshadow earned the Amateur Decrustifier badge
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A note!
Special delivery! Enjoy~
My other note went missing and like a lot of papers vanished too, so I just wanna make sure that you get the point: DO NOT STEAL! Please. I'll notice.
Help Yourself~
If you come by, I don't mind if you pick from my trees (Not the Wood one though :/). Oh, and if there's something by my post, please help yourself (If my Piggies haven't gotten to them!). Have a nice day/night!~