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A game of Bushel Jumping!
Welcome to the game of Bushel Jumping! Your goal: to jump over the bushels of grains! Your prize for winning: entry to your own house! Wonderful, isn't it?

But be aware, many a rich glitchen have tried their strength at this game, losing prized possessions among the bushels.
It continues....
The trail of food leads in, as if it is trying to lure you somewhere...

This is a bad idea, something tells you in your head, but you ignore it, continuing on to get to the end of this mystery....
Something stinks...
You enter a well decorated tower only to be hit by the smell of meat... Meat left out of the fridge for too long...

Something must have entered and died in here... better clean it up?
Whatever was left behind... find a pile of meat. This can only mean one thing: something surely died in here. How sad...

Oh, look, a piggy egg! Maybe you can save this poor soul by hatching it?

Or maybe you can just use it to have more meat to eat. Both work, ne?

PS: Maybe you should add something small that could be jumped onto behind this huge thing :D Would be fun... maybe..... you never saw this.
A Test Tube!
:D Guess what I found! It is a Test Tube. Made me think of you... since flasks and test tubes go along... ... ... I think...
Before you start thinking that I put the onions here! It wasn't me! You can't prove it!

... ... ... just don't check my crop plots in my house ='D
To the owner of said tower,
It has been dully noted that your tower has been invested by vampires. Please refrain from removing the onions in the lobby.
In case of signs of illness, such as returning from Hell after Death, please put a stake through your heart.

With dull interest,
Vampire Hunters.
Stakes provided for Vampire Hunting purposes. Please use accordingly.

How to use:
1. Pick the stake up
2. Drive it into the vampire's chest
3. In case of trouble, try again from number 1

In case you are the vampire:
1. PIck the stake up
2. Drive it into your own chest
3. Return to number 1
If the following did not work, please eat an onion.
Another forgotten report.
<You find another report next to this suspicious looking gem>

Theday, 11:21 AM, 26th of Fever.

Things are looking really bad. The tomatoes are everywhere! They are looking at me. I can't do this anymore! Someone! Help!
But no one is left to help... it seems like the vampires have disposed of everyone else, except me. I shall explore the topmost floor to get to the end of this... I have a good theory of what might be happening here. It is surely the work of-

<the report is cut off there, again, blasted tomatoes stains>
The last note. Phew.
<You find another report next to the place one of your friends croaked. You follow the trails and successfully reach the half finished foor. Something is out of place here, possibly the knowledge that you just met your friend last night.>

Theday 11:49 AM 26th of Fever.

I found the source of the tomatoes and the place the vampire rests. My theories were wrong. It seems like the owner of this tower has some very weird friends who enjoy dying in random places. By the Giants, some Glitches are just crazy!

Hey, Flask. Your lamp sucks big time, I suggest you get a better one, something stronger.
I tried hatching the Easter Bunny with this Egg I got last Easter, even made a cozy grain nest and all! But nothing, and I spent time playing this game while waiting too...

Oh well, I leave this game here for you to try, but you need some good SWF.

PS: If it hatches, please tell me. If not, I guess we will have to wait till next Spring.
A forgotten report.
Theday, 10:49 AM, 26th of Fever.

The vampires are here. There are clear signs of infestation, namely the abundance of tomatoes, both bottled and fresh. The stakes have been distributed, the owner has been left a note. But things aren't looking good, one can hear the whispers of those undeads from everywhere.
I am too young to die... I want a new job. May the giants bless my resolution.

<the other half of the report is unreadable, having been stained by what seems like tomato juice. You better leave this here and quickly get out of this tower. Something doesn't seem right...>
You entered the tower, not knowing what awaits ahead. It was not the wisest decision, you have to admit, and it took you by surprise to see so much sweet stuff left all around the place.
Suddenly you feel like eating the barnacle talc walls and wooden planks as well. Tasty. But you decide against it, because, like a good glitch, you would rather feed those to the Batterflies.

There are signs of others having been here as well, 2 Glitches. You wonder who.
A bunch of gems?
You notice a bunch of gems on the ground. How horrible, this must have been the place where the 7 gnomes dropped their satchels when they saw their beloved princess dead... a poisoned apple left on the ground beside her. This explains the silent gnome statue outside that you met earlier...

Wait, wrong story. You guess this is simply the Witch's stash of gems... Ooops.
You are shocked to see absolutely no food on this floor... Wow...
Your surprise is quickly answered: There is a sign saying no Food just a few steps away... You admit that you wouldn't have noticed the note... Good thing! You leave the food you have been carrying near the door.

Though something feels Fishy.... Maybe it is because of those eyes staring at you from the other side of the room........ Could it be..?
A sad batterfly
You see a batterfly in the corner, a very sad one. Bungus is the name, once owned by PickleNubs. However did he get here, little Bungus wants to go home... maybe you should return him to his master?

You believe there is something more in the story, the Batterfly mentions something about being traded for 3 Easter Eggs by his master... Yet he misses him so much....
You notice there are a bunch of jellisacs on the ground... And they look slightly burned.

You realize that whoever came in here has killed the witch, these Jellisacs are the only remains of her...

You suddenly feel happy, but you still wish there were no cubimal eyes staring at you..................... and that no one would run after you for eating some of the food you found downstairs.
You notice what has been making you so unnerved since you entered the room: Batterflies! Everywhere, all faking to seem like they are staring at the right wall... but you know deep down they are all looking at you... from the corner of their eyes...

Ofcourse, you are used to this after running around the mines, looking for the Ajala Bliss key, ah, good old times... They even seem to have consumed some of the planks used to build the tower, leaving stinky lumps on the ground... But what pisses you off is that there are exactly 11 of them! 11! Such a holy number used in such blasphemous ways!

You feel angry deep down only till you remember to count: there might be 11 batterflies, but there are 22 eyes looking at you. Calmed down, you investigate further.
A note under the Gem
You notice a note on the table, right under a gem, what a smart place to hide things!... It is written with what seems like Cloudberry Jam... or is it Whortle Berry? You lick the letter to make sure, Whorle Berry.

"Please, if you read <smudge smudge smudge> go up to the last floor! Me and my <smudge smudge smudge> captured by a nasty witch who is <smudge smudge smudge> eat us.
I am curre-<smudge smudge smudge> by her, she will soon eat me alive <smudge smudge smudge> help my sister. Save yourself <smudge smudge smudge> the Tower!

Hanlitch and Glitchel."

Wow, maybe it was a bad idea to lick the note before reading it.
Even more Food.
This place smells of diabetes. Doesn't the person that decorated this place know that it is unhealthy to consumes so many sweet stuff? And by that, you mean you are hungrier than before. Maybe you should really try out that barnacle talc wall...........

Nah, instead you decide on investigating certain signs that are quite out of place, Like that note on the chair next to the table, smartly hidden under Walloping Big Diamond.
You notice a trail made out of Yellowcrumb seeds from the streetsign up to that strange tower over there... Weird...

Doesn't the person know that the Tool Vendor pays a lot for those?

A better question: Doesn't the person who left these here know that the chickens will eat the seeds and people will steal the majority of them? If he or she left those there to find a way home, they will surely get lost... Maybe they were out of breadcrumbs... oh well...
The Gnome...
... it killed me....

Sometime around 10:26. Lets see when you will notice the horrible deed the gnome did!
I spy...
My crystal ball tells me... that... you shall find bubbles and corn spewn in front of your doorstep...

Ponder on that, for maybe it was magic?
Ponder on that, for maybe this was a prank?

Whatever, I leave the crystal ball in your hands. See for yourself. In the depth of your Ooooming mind.
Random Bushels of Grains.
Those are not suspicious at all. I mean, who would hide items behind it, right?
Nice room :D
I have to admit, it really is nice....but... you know...

...what is a Bog without MOAR Peat!!!
Lonely Egg
Awww, an egg fell off :( How will mama Rook find her Egg?
A single herb.
Because nothing smells like a Bog than the miriads of herbs...

...but I stole the other ones, left only this for you to find :D
Fuel Cell!
The reason that Egg fell out of the makeshift Rook Nest is.... because of this Fuel Cell.

Might want to remedy that.
Because we all know Jellisacs are everywhere in the Bog...

...if one keeps their eyes open, that is.
A note!
I loved and still love the game, Stoot. Thank you for the experience. This was nothing alike anything I have ever played, and I fear to admit I don't think such a wonderful game will ever fall into my hands again.

So thank you, thank you very much.
The shells she sells are surely seashells.
So if she sells shells on the seashore,
I'm sure she sells seashore shells.